Russian Hill Going Down Hill?

This morning I awoke to another break-in on my block.  Yes, one would expect that to happen in a big city like San Francisco, but I have always thought of Russian Hill as an nice, affluent neighborhood that avoided having frequent muggings, break-ins, etc.  Of course, the occasional crime would be expected, but I think it has become pretty rampant.  Almost on a daily basis we can find broken glass from another car being broken into.  Often, I have been arriving to my house or leaving when I see some tourist returning to their rental car just to find that their purses, cameras, cell phones, laptops, or the like have been stolen.

I guess being so close to a landmark like Lombard Street (Crooked Street) , one should expect pickpockets and the like, but I never expected armed muggings like the one that occurred 2 weeks ago.  I definitely did not expect that to happen right across the street from me!  Fortunately, undercover cops were able to catch thieves pretty quickly with no injuries.  Here is a video that captured all the action:

This was also covered in the local news (SF Chronicle).

I guess I was not too surprised then this morning when another break-in happened right across the street again.  While we were able to capture the action again on video, this time the thieves were able to make a clean get-away.

I just hope that things improve and not get worse.


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